Data Experts

Why EHS+?

EHS managers are already aware of the role that accountability systems can play in developing safety culture. The challenge comes when employees are expected to restructure their existing processes to conform to an accountability system's expectations. If a tool produces data in formats that are antithetical to existing corporate processes, it takes time and work to adapt to it, and user resistance can impede integration.

EHS+ is unique in the industry because of its flexibility – it bends to you, without resorting to custom programming. Your most significant pain points can be addressed without compromise, adapting each module to the way your employees already think and work. This greatly increases employee motivation to use the system and accelerates full implementation of your EHS programs.


We believe that the best way to achieve a strong safety culture is by ensuring employee buy-in at all levels. If your accountability system is straightforward, easy to use, and reflects your organization's existing structure and terminology, users are more likely to embrace it quickly. This is the fastest, surest path to full compliance and maximum ROI.