Data Experts

It's easy to see why promoting safety culture is good for business, but implementation is sometimes hard to manage in large organizations. Without a centralized system, accountability becomes a nuisance task, haphazardly managed with a variety of mismatched workarounds. This makes it difficult for all levels of management to track compliance and evaluate progress towards organizational goals. Once the decision is made to adopt a unified EHS solution, decision makers face the dual tasks of identifying the right solution and of motivating all their teams to support it.

Data Experts has a proven track record at helping clients achieve cohesion in EHS management. Drawing on our years of experience in the field, we have designed EHS+ to produce metrics that are consistent with your existing business practices. We work hard to become conversant with user expectations and to identify potential roadblocks to implementation. Above all, we are cognizant that accountability management systems should reflect the needs of the organization, not the other way around.